Guest at - Nitro Nights

Guest at – Nitro Nights!

Let’s talk Simracing

Being guest at – Nitro Nights?

Last monday I received an E-Mail with an inquiry that really surprised myself. 
OverTake asked me to be the guest in their upcoming Nitro Night
and Nitro Nights Stories episode.
I needed to check that twice, „is this true?“, and it was!

Fast forward, 24 hours later.
I sat down in their studio with Melek ‚m3lly‘ Balgün, the host of the show.
We had great discussions over a big field of topics regarding simracing and the eSport behind it.
From the eNascar Coca Cola iRacing Series to the newest release of the F1 Codemaster series, F1 2020 and the „my Team“ feature.

Later we went live on for thepodcast format Nitro Nights Stories.
The focus revolved mainly about myself.
I already talked in media and shows about Simracing, but never about me, the stories behind my simracing career or career in general.
Throughout the show, we were connected to the Twitch chat, answering upcoming questions and reacting to their topics going on in the chat.

I don’t want to spoil everything, just experience it yourself!
Danny, being guest at OverTake Nitro Nights!

Guest at - Nitro Nights


I want to express my thanks to everybody at OverTake and Freaks 4U Gaming for this unique opportunity.
Additionally for the warm welcome, great working attitude and the common goal to open up Simracing to a wider audience, embracing the spirit of virtual racing and competition on international basis.

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